Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd Visit to Nose Warehouse Sales

Was planning to pay another visit to the warehouse sales yesterday but the heavy pouring rain has spoilt my plan.

Today, I got my chance to go for 2nd visit.. The crowd is huge due to the weekend. The staffs starts to replenish stocks when I just stepped in. Good timing... Hehe...

Below are my hauls today (RM10 each) :
Dress Sandal Low Heel (RRP: RM79.90)

Dress Sandal High Heel (RRP: RM69.90)

I actually spotted about 6 pairs of shoes but I decided to cut down to only 2 pairs since I've bought 5 pairs during my first visit (see my previous post). My mum keep on nagging me for buying so many pairs.. Lolzz...

I personally feel it is worth going for further-discount offer. So girls, what are you waiting for?? Tomorrow is the last day... Go now and enjoy shopping ^^ Do share with me your hauls ya~~

Still in shopping mood,

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  1. i really like those low heel sandals in black. super cute!

    thought you'd be interested in my 100-piece elf makeup palette, black crackle nail polish, and Ulta cosmetics giveaway!


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