Friday, February 25, 2011

Hauls of the day : Nose Warehouse Sales

Calling for shoes lovers~ Nose Warehouse Sale is back in action.

Details :
Date : 23rd Feb (Wednesday) - 27th Feb 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 10am - 7pm
Venue : Lot 691, Wisma RSH (Malaysia), Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan
            Kewajipan, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Here are my little sharing on my hauls of the day... *wink wink*

Guess what I've brought back from the warehouse sales??

Please welcome them with a round of applause.... Ta-dah~~~~~!!!
My hauls today! So excited and overwhelmed right now... *scream*

5 PAIRS in total, ranging from flats, low heels, high heels to pumps. Wide range I grabbed huh? These collection allows me to style with any looks, either casual wear or formal wear, daytime or night out. Never plan that, but only noticed that when I'm home. Not a bad decision I've made huh? *clapping*

This is my most rational decision so far during my entire shopping moments...
Not a huge purchase as compared to the other customers. I guess they at least bought 8-10 pairs each, or even more! Well, ladies easily gone wild during shopping especially during the crazy bargain.. Hahahaha...

Just to show you guys further on my hauls (some with the original price tags along)...
Casual Sandal Flatty (RRP: RM39.90)

Casual Wedge Low Heel - Gold (RRP: RM35.90)

Dress Sandal High Heel (RRP: RM59.90)


Pumps (Not very good in condition with little visible defects)

Okay, price revealing moment after all the showing off photos. Lol...

Take a wild guess.... how much I've spent in total and for each pair?

The answer is................ RM50!!!!!

Yes... is RM50. Each pair costs me only at RM10.... Up to 90% discount available... Crazy deal right?

For this time around, I only focuses on RM10 deals, but I do notice there are also RM20 and RM30 shoes up for grabs which are very worthwhile too.

As the photos shown above, some of the shoes are in very good condition while some are not. A little of defects can be found (especially the last photo-pump). But this doesn't bother much as they are so CHEAP until I can't resist of buying!

What do you think on my hauls? Which pair catches your heart? Which is your least favourite?

Bags wise, not much choices at the time I was there. Sad-nia =(

By the way, a small reminder here. Don't forget to redeem for discount voucher after your purchase. No minimum amount of purchase required. Each customer is entitled to one voucher worth RM10. Being told that only available for 1st 1000 customers. Not very sure about this T&C but I've got mine =)

Nose warehouse sales will restock their products from time to time. You will always discover new designs at different time and day. I'm still considering whether I should go for 2nd round not. Hehehe.. Hoping to discover more great offers (I want bags!) in next visit... ^^

Lastly, please allow me to show the group photos once again... Yeah..... My hauls!!!

Excitements cums treasure hunting shopping,


  1. Thanks for sharing....

  2. The shoes are so cheap !!! Too bad that place is quite far away from me >_<

  3. Anonymous: Welcome

    Anna: YES!!! Too cheap... Aiyo, too bad that u cann't make it there... Wanted to pay another visit today but heavy rain had stopped me from leaving my house. Erhhhhh... ><


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