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Fruity Purplicious Giveaway : SKINZ™ UV White Skin Whitening Starter Kits

As promised in my previous post on SKINZ™ UV White Beauty Workshop,  I am so excited to announce that now is the GIVEAWAY time to all my lovely readers~! Hooray~

Do you feel as excited as I do?

Wanna know what is the prize?

Specially thanks to Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd for being so generous to sponsor 5 sets of SKINZ™ UV White Skin Whitening Starter Kits (each worth of RM25) to Fruity Purplicious lovely readers.

The  SKINZ™ UV White Skin Whitening Starter Kit contains 3 items, which are :
SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Foam 15g
SKINZ UV White Intensive Whitening Serum 5g
SKINZ UV White Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 20PA++ 12g
To win yourself this awesome started kit, all you need to do is to just follow the simple steps as below :
    * Must be a public GFC follower of my blog
    NON-MANDATORY~ (For additional entries)
    * Follow me on Twitter (+1) and Retweet my giveaways (+1) mentioning
    * Make a blog post on my giveaways or sidebar post (+2)
2) Answer this simple question: What is the STAR product in the SKINZ™
    UV White range? (Answer can be found in my previous blog post EASILY)
3) Leave a comment at the comment box below according to the format shown :
    - GFC Follower ID :
    - Email :
    - Correct Answer :
    - Have you followed me via Twitter and Retweet? If yes, please provide me
      your Twitter name and status link.
    - Did you make a blog post/sidebar post on my giveaways?
      If yes, please leave the post link.
<Contest ends at 11.59pm, 30 July 2011>
<This giveaway opens only to Fruity Purplicious Malaysian followers>
<5 winners will be selected based on most entries submitted along with
  correct answer>
<If all the participants submitted same number of entries, 5 winners will be
   selected based on first come first serve basis>
<All the winners wil lbe contacted via email>
<The sponsor might contact you for feedback about the products after you have
  tried them>
Who will be the lucky 5,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SKINZ™ UV White Blogger Exclusive Beauty Workshop

Go Beyond Surface FAIRNESS, Illuminate Inner Radiance!
With SKINZ™ UV White!

It was Saturday~ Instead, it was a PINK Saturday afternoon with SKINZ™ UV White~!

Last month, I was pleased to be invited to attend SKINZ™ UV White Blogger Exclusive Beauty Workshop which was held at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid.

The beauty workshop was held in a hidden-secret-private room. It is cozy, nice decorated with a hint of romantic yet sophisticate ambiance.

Okay, I'm going a little over the top here but I personally feel that this is just a RIGHT place to hold an event like this for a group of gorgeous ladies, in a lay-back Saturday afternoon.

Some Information About SKINZ™ UV White (Products of Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.) :

Ordinary whitening skincare may help make skin fairer and provide soft, smooth skin. SKINZ™ breaks out of the ordinary and comes forward with a breakthrough product that combines the power of nature and science to protect your skin's DNA.

Introducing SKINZ™ UV White - An advanced formulation made for Asian women who desires for a new dimension in whitening! SKINZ™ UV White contains Radiant-Gene Activator - a potent complex of Sakura Extract and Lipo-Vit C that activates lightening at the heart of your cells.

SKINZ™ UV White star product, Intensive Whitening Serum is a high-potency serum that can be used day and night. It contains Radiant-Gene Activator concentrate which works by providing your skin with 3 levels of deeper whitening. Easily absorbed into your skin, this serum penetrates deeply right down into your skin cells to inhibit the effects of melanin, creating lighter and even skin tone. It the diffuses deeper into the heart of our skin cells to protect DNA from UVA damage and finally, provides you with double UVA/UVB filter coverage to protect your skin from further sun damage. This serum is also enhanced with Hesperidin to boost the skin lightening process thus reducing pigmentation and dark spots effectively.

SKINZ™ UV White consists of 9 whitening products that give your skin deeper whitening from within :

     1.  SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Form
          (50g  RM 8.50), (100g RM14.90)
          This 99% plant-based foaming cleanser gently cleanses and removes
          impurities while retaining your skin's natural moisture balance.
          Deep cleanses your skin to reveal a clearer translucency.

     2.  SKINZ UV White Clarifying Toner (100ml RM16.90)
          A balancing toner that deeply tones and purifies, keeping skin radiant and
          pores refined. Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Licorice active to soothe and
          calm your skin to prepare it for optimum absorption of skin whitening
          therapy. Restore your skin's optimum pH balance for a hydrated,
          fresh sensation.

     3.  SKINZ UV White Eye Brightening Essence (15ml RM33.90)
          An invigorating eye therapy that lightens the appearance of dark circles and
          strengthens the skin tissue around your delicate eye area. Reduces excess
          fluid retention which helps eliminate eye bags and puffiness. Reveal visibly
          brighter, glowing radiance around your eye area.

     4.  SKINZ UV White Intensive Whitening Serum (30ml RM39.90)
          A high-potency serum of Radiant-Gene Activator concentrate and enhanced
          with Hesperidin to boost the skin lightening process. Helps reduce
          pigmentation and dark spots effectively, revealing a brighter, improved
          radiant skin tone.

     5.  SKINZ UV White Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF20PA++
          (40g RM32.90)
          A water-based day cream that is quickly and effectively absorbed into the
          skin to whiten, protect and hydrate your skin during the day. Advanced
          broad spectrum UV filters provide complete protection from UVA &
          UVB rays.

     6.  SKINZ UV White Intensive Night Moisturiser (40g RM33.90)
          An intensive night cream enhanced with Alpha-Arbutin that penetrates
          deeper to boost the skin's whitening process as you sleep. Wake up to
          fairer, hydrated and translucent complexion in the morning.

     7.  SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Scrub (100g RM14.90)
          Use up to three times weekly, this soap free scrub brightens your skin while
          thoroughly exfoliating rough, dull and dead skin cells. Its microbeads delve
          deeper into pores to remove impurities and blackheads, revealing fresher,
          brighter skin to the surface.

     8.  SKINZ UV White Instant Radiance Rinse-Off Face Mask
          (100g RM16.90)
          This rejuvenating face mask is enhanced with whitening and exfoliating
          properties. Use up to three times weekly, its high concentration of natural
          AHA removes dead skin cells and lightens darkened skin whilst its mineral
          clay unclogs pores of impurities and excess oil.

     9.  SKINZ UV White Protective Hand and Body Lotion
          (150ml RM6.50), (400ml RM14.50)
          This water-based, non-greasy hand & body lotion restores skin's moisture
          balance, keeping it fair, soft and smooth.

 Warm-welcomed by Kalpana.

Followed by products introduction by Susanna Ling,
the Product Manager of Wipro Unza (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Invited speaker of the day - Dr. Anjalee Mohandas Nair,
an Aesthetic Physician from Face Factors Clinic

Hands-On Session

While taking turns to undergo skin analysis, hand massage and beauty makeover,
we were served by yummy finger-foods ^^

~ Happy me after pampering session~

Wendy with a cute flowery-hairband (photo credited to her)

Generous Wipro Unza gave every beauty blogger a full set of SKINZ UV White products to try out at home. Nice~!

A day to remember =D

SKINZ™ UV White is now available at all major pharmacies and leading retail outlets nationwide. For more information, kindly log on to or visit SKINZ™ official Facebook page.


Want to try out SKINZ™ UV White range?
Stand a chance to win Skinz UV White Starter Kits. Check out my next post !

Giveaway is coming,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aqua Label Discover Your Beauty Workshop

Pamper yourself with Aqua label. This beauty workshop will teach you the correct way to have beautiful skin, plus hands-on makeup session. Goodie bag worh RM58 will be giving away by just paying RM30 entry fee. Hurry up, only 30 seats available.
Date : 20th August 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 10:30am - 1:00pm
Venue : Shiseido Malaysia Office, Menara UAC, Mutiara Damansara
Discover your beauty,

Friday, July 8, 2011

First Ever Blog Award Received~

I started to involve in blogging world since 2 years back as the blog reader/follower. I enjoy reading and receiving latest information basically everything <Beauty, Fashion are still my priority though> I'm totally attracted and blown away by the personality portrayed by each of every blogger. They are UNIQUE~

Across the blogging experiences, I get to know a lovely lady, Fabulous Aimee of Fabulosity World who has recently present to me "Butterfly Award - For the coolest blog I ever know".

My FIRST blog award~ How cool is that! Thanks Aimee and congratulations on her recent blog achieves...

Award Rules :
Award 7 others and write 15 random things about you.

15 random things about me....
  1. I used to love PINK but ever since my younger sister is born, she fight over me for the color exclusively for her, and because of that, I found my favourite of life - PURPLE!
  2. I feel envy of people having elder brother as I don't have one =(
  3. I love to drive. Love the feel that I'm controlling my own path, own destiny.
  4. Travel around the world with my loved one is always in top of my wish list. Europe countries are my top selection followed by Japan.
  5. Sponsors my parents for a long stay in Australia while visiting my uncle in Melbourne.
  6. I love my family although we always have fight. My mum is a tiger-mum while my dad is always serious yet adorable =)
  7. I am currently standing at the cross-junction and uncertain with my future. Wish me all the best
  8. I will never say NO to shopping. I will gone wild especially when during with bargains and sales~ Consequences? I'm BROKE >.<
  9. Never try to wake me up in the morning as I won't bother. You will see me actively in action during the night.
  10. I am tall, not petite, but high heels are my BFF.
  11. I love trying out all sort of cuisine, my every week routine.
  12. I sing, I play piano but I don't dance. Why? Ask my mum =P
  13. I am obsessed with everything beautiful.
  14. My favourite TV series are criminal investigation series: NCIS (Agent Gibbs & Agent DiNozzo) and CSI. I love all reality shows too ^^
  15. I don't practice the habit of writing but I will always do my best to improve and sustain my blog. Keep supporting ladies....

I want to pass this award to the following lovely ladies:
  1. Anna of Fancy Illusionist
  2. Jess of Jessying
  3. Wendy of Devil Teng
  4. ZhengNorahs of Just Norahs
  5. Christy of Christy Event
  6. Jennifer of Quest Jen
  7. Isabel of Sugar Coated Muffin

Enjoy the award ladies =D


Free: Lipice Fruity for grab

Get a FREE Lipice Fruity just by filling out a form~ It has never been easier to get your hands on the lipbalm that fits every occasion and lifestyle!

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Exchange Program: Kose SEKKISEI Lotion

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Will I among the 50,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Exchange Program: Tsubaki Shampoo

Bring the old/empty shampoo bottle (at least 220ml, any brand except Tsubaki) and exchange it with a brand new 220ml Tsubaki shampoo for free!


Its happening TODAY (Saturday 2nd July) at selected Watsons outlets (Midvalley, Mahkota Parade,City Square JB). Redemption time: 12pm-2pm

<First come first serve basis> <One customer per redemption> <While stocks last>

Source: Tsubaki FB Page

Finding empty bottle from my recycle bin,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011

Urbanscapes is back in town~ Hooray~!!

But wait a minute, what is Urbanscapes?? <scratching the head>

Well, Urbanscapes is a one day event organised by KLue and is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, lifestyle, film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene.

Venue : Padang Astaka, PJ
Date : 16th July 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 12pm - 12am
Main Sponsor : TM Everyone Connects

The ticket price is RM40, with 1000 early birds tickets released for RM30. And since TM Everyone Connects is our main sponsor and TM's subscribers get a special price of RM25 when they purchase at the door with a proof of subscription. 

Map to Urbanscapes 2011

For more information about Urbanscapes 2011,
Visit their website (
Like them in Facebook (
Follow them in twitter (

Alternatively, you can also win a pair of ticket to Urbanscapes 2011 by joining Jessying Giveaway.

I wanna win, I wanna win,

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