Friday, July 8, 2011

First Ever Blog Award Received~

I started to involve in blogging world since 2 years back as the blog reader/follower. I enjoy reading and receiving latest information basically everything <Beauty, Fashion are still my priority though> I'm totally attracted and blown away by the personality portrayed by each of every blogger. They are UNIQUE~

Across the blogging experiences, I get to know a lovely lady, Fabulous Aimee of Fabulosity World who has recently present to me "Butterfly Award - For the coolest blog I ever know".

My FIRST blog award~ How cool is that! Thanks Aimee and congratulations on her recent blog achieves...

Award Rules :
Award 7 others and write 15 random things about you.

15 random things about me....
  1. I used to love PINK but ever since my younger sister is born, she fight over me for the color exclusively for her, and because of that, I found my favourite of life - PURPLE!
  2. I feel envy of people having elder brother as I don't have one =(
  3. I love to drive. Love the feel that I'm controlling my own path, own destiny.
  4. Travel around the world with my loved one is always in top of my wish list. Europe countries are my top selection followed by Japan.
  5. Sponsors my parents for a long stay in Australia while visiting my uncle in Melbourne.
  6. I love my family although we always have fight. My mum is a tiger-mum while my dad is always serious yet adorable =)
  7. I am currently standing at the cross-junction and uncertain with my future. Wish me all the best
  8. I will never say NO to shopping. I will gone wild especially when during with bargains and sales~ Consequences? I'm BROKE >.<
  9. Never try to wake me up in the morning as I won't bother. You will see me actively in action during the night.
  10. I am tall, not petite, but high heels are my BFF.
  11. I love trying out all sort of cuisine, my every week routine.
  12. I sing, I play piano but I don't dance. Why? Ask my mum =P
  13. I am obsessed with everything beautiful.
  14. My favourite TV series are criminal investigation series: NCIS (Agent Gibbs & Agent DiNozzo) and CSI. I love all reality shows too ^^
  15. I don't practice the habit of writing but I will always do my best to improve and sustain my blog. Keep supporting ladies....

I want to pass this award to the following lovely ladies:
  1. Anna of Fancy Illusionist
  2. Jess of Jessying
  3. Wendy of Devil Teng
  4. ZhengNorahs of Just Norahs
  5. Christy of Christy Event
  6. Jennifer of Quest Jen
  7. Isabel of Sugar Coated Muffin

Enjoy the award ladies =D



  1. Hi babe, wow you're such generous sponsoring your parents about their stay in abroad:)Keep on blogging and wishing that you may find the right one! Best of luck dear:)**kisses

  2. Fruity Purplicious, Thanks for the award! ^_^
    I am still fresh in the blogging world and hope to learn more. Thanks for your support :)


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