Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NOTD # 01

Wanna to play with water-marble technique but I failed miserably. Wasn't successful in my first few attempts and my place becomes super-duper messy. Why?? Why others seem so easy to get beautiful and artistic prints on the nails but I messed up? Arrggg~~~

Putting it aside and I decided to go with simple yet feminime-looking nail polishing.
Loving the Pinkish Glittery =D

After a day of wearing, I decided to add some textures and fun into it.
Can you see what pattern is on my nails?

I actually wanna create a ribbon pattern... but I think it turns out to look more like a flower. Lolx.. Maybe I should name this as flowery-ribbon =P

For the water-marble technique, will try again next time~

Not giving up for pretty nails,

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