Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Winnings

Just to share with you girls a little sparkles for my day... for winning 2 prizes from a same issue of magazine in the same month.. Lucky me.. So happy ^^

A Scent by Issey Miyake EDP (RM 278)
I love buying perfumes and collecting nicely-designed fragrance bottles.. But I still need to control my spending and thus, I haven't try out Issey Miyake's.

Lucky me that I'm one of the 18 lucky readers to win myself a scent by Issey Miyake EDP~~!!!

"An odour as simple and beautiful as the air we breath."

That is how Issey Miyake expressed the idea behind.

It is the new floral eau de parfum by Issey Miyake which is inspired by the initial creation but enriched with floral and solar nuances that express femininity with greater warmth. Jasmine makes its presence in the top notes before the heart blossoms forth as a bouquet of rose, hyacinth, peony and ylang. The alchemy of woody base notes leaves and incomparably delicate trail.

This is my second prize won - Decleor Face Meridian Therapy (RM 378).

'Face Meridian' is a combination of Eastern techniques with just a few drops of DECLEOR AROMESSENCE Beauty Serum to reveal a beautiful complexion. Qi (chi) is the life force, vital energy or natural power of 'qi', when stimulated, can do wonders for skin. Essential oils are the vital energy (qi) from plants and are volatile molecules that absorb quickly into the skin, help to stimulate the flow of qi and drain out toxins with their detoxifying properties. With Face Meridian, the qi is complemented to free blockages and bring back radiant, healthy skin with reduced fine lines.

I will do a blog post after I've done with the facial session.

<Do take a minute to pray for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan and China>

Praying for a peaceful world,


  1. OMG you're so lucky !!! Congratulations ! Hope you'll have a good experience from the Decleor facial session =)

  2. Thanks thanks~~!!!
    Looking forward for the facial session =D

  3. Thanks for following my site honey, but now I've shifted to my blog- http://rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.com/
    and won't be writing on the site anymore. So it'll be gr8 if you follow me there on my blog. You can also enter my first giveaway there :D


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