Friday, April 15, 2011

Christmas Party with Kiehl's

It has been a while since my last post. Excuse me for my long-delayed posts (upcoming) due to my heavy-loaded jobs in-hand. I believe it is never too late to share out my thoughts and experiences rather than not, right? Once again, my apologies here.

Okay, here the story begins. Last December I attended the Christmas party held by Kiehl's at KLCC. This is my first time of joining. Felt superb excited with it~

Upon arrival, each of the attendees is given a christmas hat. See? Even the skeleton gets one too~ Nice... =D

Broom brooom... Christmas party on-the-go

Warm welcomed by Nadia, followed by some games to heat up the party atmosphere.

Kiehl's boy was demonstrating how to twist and turn the baloon into a poodle...

Game challenge participants who able to complete the task fastest and his/her poodle looks the best walked away with prizes. I wish I was one of the participants hand-picked by Nadia.. sob sob ><

Anyway, delicious food was served.

Only empty plates with no leftover found on the table in seconds. I guess people were too hungry when it was after dinner time especially with saliva-tempting food served. LOL...

Thanks to Kiehl's for organizing the party and the door gift. I had my great time over there. Hoping for the party this year end. Hehehehe...

Never too late to share,


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