Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vincci Renovation Sale (Mid Valley) & My Hauls

Noticed a huge crowd from far when I was having my leisure window shopping at Mid Valley yesterday. Immediately my instinct tell me there must be something special going on.

It is Vincci Renovation Sale~! I love Sale~~~ Woooohoooo.....

This renovation sale valid only at Vincci Mid Valley from 8th April to 1st May 2011.

The price for shoes are ranged mostly from RM10 to RM30 while bags at RM30. Accessories (watches) are at 50% off from original price. But make sure you have make the right choice/decision upon purchase as "NO EXCHANGE", "NO REFUND", "NO RESERVES" are the terms & conditions applied.

Today, again, I went there bringing my sister. I expect to see more or less same stocks as yesterday but I was wrong! Most of the stocks today are different from yesterday. I have to say public purchasing power has amazed me~

Wonder if  I got anything during this sale? <hehehehehe.....>

Okay, let the pictures tell you the truth ^^

Day 1 Hauls :
  RM 85   RM10
Day 2 Hauls : 
  RM 89 RM 20

  RM 99 RM 20

  RM 69 RM 20

Total Damage : RM 70

Aren't my new collection cute?


  1. oh my gosh i love your first day 2 shoes! Nice and comfy looking kitten heels and cheap!

  2. Thanks girl~~
    Indeed, every pair is sooo cheap~~!
    I wore the 1st pair right after the purchase.. LOL

  3. OMG!! i did not know this! shud have go earlier to grab nice shoes...

  4. nice shoe!
    i need more shoe!
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Jean : Now you know ^^ U still have time to grab for favourites.. Share with me ur hauls if u happen to grab some ya~

    Wendy : Thanks & welcome. Sharing is caring mar... hehehe... U too don't forget to share after ur shopping kay? =d

  6. Aiya! I didn't know about this !!!

  7. Isabel : until 1st of May.. still have few more days to go, girl ^^


Thanks for commenting.. *huggiez*

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