Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Female Magazine Cover Model Search 2011

Earlier in my blog post, I've mentioned about the Cover Girl Search by Seventeen magazine which is opened for the age group between 15-23 years old.

But what if I'm above 23 years old and no longer belong to the teenage group but still having a dream for being featured on the cover? 

Fred not ladies~!

There is another Cover Girl Search in town! To be more precise, is Cover Model Search! Sounds better huh? LOL..

This time around,  Female Magazine is targeting for women between the ages of 18 and 30. Yay~

How to enter?
Step 1 : Submit digital photos of yourself (in high resolution, preferably in JPEG or
             TIFF format) including one recent headshot photo and one recent full
             body photo.
Step 2 : Include your particulars (name, NRIC, occupation, address, telephone,
             e-mail, height, weight and body statistics).
Step 3 : Email to promotions1@bluinc.com.my
            (Subject header : Cover Model Search).

T&C applies. (See photo attached above)

And you are done~! As simple as that.

In search of Cover Model / Ladies,


  1. do i still can summit my picture? and when will the result be out?

  2. The photo submition dateline is 16th June 2011. You can refer to their website (http://www.femalemag.com.my/2011/04/01/the-female-cover-model-search/) for futher details.


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