Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today... Am Santa Claus

Earlier of the day, I joined a press screening movie "Due Date" contest organized by The Daily Chilli.

To be one of the winner, one must :
"Be among the fastest to e-mail your answers and personal details alongside the secret password: DATE "

And YES~~! I'm fast enough to qualify me to win a pair of tickets scening today at GSC 1 Utama. Yeah yeah yeah.... so happy as this is my first winning for movie tickets *winkz* Simply browsed over the internet and I found out that "Due Date" is the year's most talked about comedy, starring Robert Downey Jr, Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan. Ok, that's all I know about the movie ( lazy me to read the synopsis =P ).

Initially I plan to reach 1 Utama earlier for window shopping since I have been quite some times not hanging around there. But I have to make a delay due to the rain (running cats and dogs) just when I'm still in dressing.

According to The Daily Chilli info, the passes redemption starts from 8pm while the movie starts screening at 9pm. To my surprise, a LOONG queu has already existed just at the time I reach (around 7.30pm). Seems like eveyone enjoys free movie ya?

The long Q(can't see the end)

While waiting in the queue, I noticed most of the people are with the The Star newspaper cut-out. Huh?? I only have an informal email with few words on : "Congrats, see ya tomorrow". Out of the sudden, I feel so uncomfortable with my standing as there are only 49 pairs passes available but I don't even sure whether my few-words email is valid for my redemption or not.... hmmmm...

But very soon I meet a kind-hearted lady telling me that she had the exactly same experience as I do and telling me that I have privilege not to queue in the long line. Instead of that, I just need to wait for The Daily Chilli's person in-charge to arrive. The best part is... I have a guaranteed seats! Sounds great ^^

Eh??  Wait a minute. Classification is at 18? 

Oh-noooo~~ "Due Date" is restricted to patrons of age 18 and above!? Well, my younger sis is at 16 but I wouldn't want to leave her alone while I'm enjoying the movie. Just collect the passes and hopefully she can "sneek" in (trying our luck though we know the chance is low).

"Budak ni umur berapa?" The staff asked.
"Tak boleh masuk"

Expected. But still... it is a huge disappointment to us... We want to watch movie... together... We want to see Robert Downey Jr... haiz.... what to do? It is my mistake for not checking the movie classification before bringing my younger sis.. sorry mei mei >.<

Despite the disappointment, we decided to be someone's Santa Claus. We want to give away the preview passes. How? Randomly choose a couple. They looked so delighted and appreciate with our free passes. Their happy faces make me and my sister feel so great and all our disappointments and regrets fly away~~~

~Small Giving, Big Satisfaction ~

Merry Christmas Eveyone... HoHoHoo~~

p/s: Alhough I'm didn't manage to watch the movie, still want thanks The Daily Chilli for the free press passes

<Sorry for the blur photos, I left my camera at home>


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