Sunday, December 12, 2010

Makeup Done by F.O.X Cosmetic

I received a wedding dinner invitation a day before the date held. Scratching my head thinking where to go for my makeup done, I suddenly remember that I have a F.O.X Cosmetic voucher (free makeup & eyebrows shaping) which the due date is on 15th Dec. Not too late to fully utilize this voucher. Yay~ 

F.O.X Cosmetic is also known as Fusion of Expressions. This brand is brought from Taiwan. There are variety of makeup selections to choose from.The F.O.X Cosmetic outlet I went is located at Parkson Sg Wang (just right at the entrance of parkson at the skincare/cosmetic department). Kelly, the makeup artist is a very nice person. She explains to me about the products while she is applying them on my face. She is so patient to deal with my small tiny eyes where she has to keep on thickening the gel liners and trimming the false lashes until another makeup artist (Alice) come to help out too.... Almost cut half of it, what a waste.. but what can I do? So sad with the small eyes.. Sob sob (T.T) Love them both. (I'm not going to explain step-by-step about the makeup and what the products are used during my session as all the detailed info are perfectly shared by Anna. Do have a look.)

What interested me is that all the products contain Hyaluronic Acid. I like the fact that my skin can keep moisturized while having the makeup on. Cool right? =D

Another thing that I like about the outlet I went is the makeup artists never do hard-selling. They are so friendly and kind to prepare me for the wedding dinner. I hate those who like to hard sell their products which will make me uncomfortable with. I would rather have my own sweet time for the shopping unless I ask for assistance.

p/s: Sorry for no picture uploaded for my final look. I totally forget about it as I was in a rush that day.


  1. argh ~ I was expecting to see your finished look ! hahaha....Kelly is really nice ^^ I love her ^^ Anyway feel happy that the voucher has helped you ! lol..

  2. soooo sorry for that.. will try to find if my friend took a pic for me during the session. yaya... I like her much.. will definitely drop by to the counter in the future. Thanks for the voucher too girl ^^


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