Monday, November 29, 2010

A new born blogger baby in town~

Been always admiring others for having their own blog, reading their awesome wow-ing factors along their life pathway, I have finally make up my mind to give myself a try... today...  yes... is TODAY~~~~ and here comes my baby blog... TA-DAH~~~ Fruity Purplicious...

I adores PURPLE, I hugs PURPLE, obviously I'm Purplicious! Though my world seems to be surrounded by monotone, I still allocate a room with varieties at my bottom of my heart... I always hoping my life to be interesting and fun without neglecting quality of life. That's the simple inspiration why I named my baby as Fruity Purplicious...

Basically for the time being, I will just randomly post up anything whichever strike up in my mind. But since I'm a shopaholic, especially for beauty products, I might blog more on those areas of interest. Family and I enjoy eating around klang valley trying out new foodies to satisfy our tastebud. Emmmm...will include it as well...Sharing is caring anyway... ahak~ Nonetheless I have to say that I'm not feeling very confident on my writing skills in expressing my thoughts and says, but I will do my best and learn along the way.. Cheers for me, buddies and ENJOY~~

Fruity Purplicious XOXO



  1. welcome to blogging world purple babe ! hehe...

  2. Dear Anna:
    Thanks girl... I love your blog and have been reading for quite some times... would see you as my learning target.. hehehe..


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