Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RMK Spring Shimmer 2011 Spring/Sumnmer Collection

RMK is a Japanese cosmetics brand that has been launched in Malaysia in 2007 (September) after being in the market for 12 years. In the arrival of spring this year, RMK has launched their new collection called Spring Shimmer Collection during March 2011.

This is the entire spring collection by RMK.

RMK Sheer Powder Cheeks (4 shades available) :

RMK Crayon and Powder Eyes (7 shades available @ RM 144 each) : 

This is their highlight of the entire collection, with the double-ended design which consist of crayon and sponge tip at each end. The crayon turns out to be matte. To add the fun in it, we can add some shimmering effects on it~ (use the sponge tip).

RMK Nail Color EX (5 shades available) :

Wasn't manage to do the swatches for RMK Lip Crayon (6 shades) and RMK Gloss (3 shades).

Met Tiffany during the session coincidentally. Hoping to see you again~ Or we can attend workshops together too~

Fun-Colorful season,

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