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Benefit Beauty Workshop - Part 1 (Skincare Products Review)

This is the brand I always hear the raves about. This is the brand I yet to try.

Story-teller: This happened on the last day of April

Waking up almost during lunch time (hey, it's Sunday, a day to have an undisturbed sleep & forget about hateful alarm), I'm so satisfied and I just wanna shout it loud..... I'M FEELING GOOOOD~~

It's Sunday, I'm in a good mood, a good start of my day.. what's next??


Browsing through the Internet~

Ahak~ Found one latest happening that caught my attention. Benefit (Metrojaya, Mid Valley) is having beauty workshop today..  I have missed the first session which is held in the morning, but there is still a second session in the afternoon. I manage to make an appointment and book a seat few hours before the workshop. Yippe~ I love workshops...

Taking good care of our skin is the priority of everything, and hence, the workshop started off by getting hands-on Benefit skincare range.

By the way, don't you think Benefit's products are adorable? They are well-packaged with FUN & INTERESTING names~ I love their creativity and efforts....  

Skincare Product 1 : Gee... That Was Quick

Description :
Now you see it! Now you don't! This instant makeup remover thoroughly removes makeup from eyes & face without on oily residue. It leaves skin feeling soft, clean, refreshed, and well hydrated. Effectively removes even waterproof makeup without irritating the eyes.

My Says :
I know there will definitely a hands-on session, so I go without any makeup on. Therefore, I can't tell if this product removes all the makeup completely, especially in the case of waterproof makeup. But I did noticed that my skin is refreshed without feeling oily and stickiness.

Skincare Product 2 : Women Seeking Toner

Description :
The lightweight formula is the perfect mix of oat extract to help smooth the skin, meadow sweet extract to help control oiliness, and Vitamin E acetate, known for its antioxidant properties. This delicate toning lotion hydrates, revitalizes and smoothes your complexion. Leaves your skin feel refreshed and smooth in seconds.

My says :
I never resist from using fragrance-scented products as long as the scent is not too strong (I don't want a choke). This toner has light scent which is acceptable for me. This product does a pretty fair job as it controls my skin oiliness and look matte.

Skincare Product 3 : Dear John

Description :
Give skin all it deserves by applying this smooth, rich cream (moisturizer) to your face and throat... day or night. Moisturize, soften and smooth your skin with this classic, rich facial cream. Also, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines.

It contains Sodium Hyaluronate (moisturizing properties), Vitamin B5 (soften skin), Vitamin E Acetate (fight against skin aging), Marshmallow Root and Cucumber Extracts (smooth skin).

My says :
I have oily combination skin, so I have to be extra picky in choosing the right moisturizer. Normally I prefer to go for gel-typed moisturizer. My skin doesn't feel greasy at time I put this on. But its description of "rich cream" does little scared me that it might cause me from breakouts.

Skincare Product 4 : EyeCon

Description :
A brightening eye cream that fades dark circles and smoothes fine lines.

My says :
I'm not surprise that it does not cover my dark eye circles as it is NOT a concealer. I don't see the brightening effect as it claimed to be. However, it does soften and hydrate my under eyes area.

Skincare Product 5 : Depuffing Action Eye Gel

Description :
It helps to tone, revitalize and cool the under-eye area. A daily dab will make your eyes look fab! Contains stimulating plant fibers and chamomile and raspberry extracts believed to have a soothing effect.

Tip to use: Apply erase paste under eyes after depuffing action eye gel for an extra brightening boost.

My says :
As my main concern goes treating/covering dark eyes circle, I didn't use this product. Recommend to girls who has puffy-looking eyes.

<All the opinions expressed (skincare products) are solely based on my first try during the workshop. The results may vary for daily/continuous/long term usage>

Stay-tuned for my Benefit Beauty Workshop - Part 2 (Makeup Products Review)

To be continued,

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