Monday, January 24, 2011

Yummy Yummy Cupcake Chic

Passed by Cupcake Chic stall while doing my Chinese New Year shopping at Sunway Pyramid, I was attracted by those tempting-looking cupcakes and thus immediately brought 2 home.. Hehehehe..

24 KaratA jewel-filled spiced cake that is made up of grated carrots, raisins 
                 and walnuts and finished off with a tangy lime cream cheese frosting.

I love "24 Karat" cupcake!

Red Velvet - A perfect marriage of light coca cake in velvety red coupled with
                      silky cream cheese frosting.

"Red Velvet" tastes good too

There are varieties of cupcake to choose from. Cupcakes are categorized in four main groups: Classics, Lites,  Love 'Em, Chocoholics. My choice of 24 Karat is under Love 'Em while Red Velvet is grouped in Classics.

Pricing :
1 cupcake                  RM 4.90
1/2 dozen cupcakes    RM 27
1 dozen                      RM 51

More products info can be found HERE.

p/s : I bought the 2 cupcakes with Buy1Free1 coupon received from Cupcake Chic website after signing up during the special period.

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