Monday, January 24, 2011

My FIRST Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser

This is mine!

Reached Watsons Mid Valley yesterday at 10.30am, the SA is still doing her preparation. Was too early there as I thought there will be a crowd queueing for the exchange.

Hanging around while waiting, back there at 11.30am and there were only 4 person in the line. It was not too crowded from what I have expected even after 12 noon. I guess this is because there are few campaigns held at different venues which have divert the crowd and also more units (50 units) are given out.

Vichy Essentielles has a complete range of products with Rose Polyphenols to reveal a healthy rosy glow. This range of products are Paraben-Free and suitable for sensitive skin :
  • Facial Cleanser (RM25 / 100ml)
  • Facial Emulsion (RM35 / 50ml)
  • Facial Cream (RM35 / 50ml)
  • Softening Shower Gel (RM25 / 200ml)
  • Body Cream-Milk (RM29 / 200ml)

I will try out and do a review on this Vichy Cleanser, but not so soon as I have tonnes of unfinished cleansers waiting to be cleared out of my shelf! Anyone has tried this product?  Share your opinions with me ya ^^

For those who are interested for the exchange campaign, kindly view my previous blog post for the schedule. Happy exchanging =D

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